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  • Envy
    • Band of thieves, as closely allied as any two groups are these days with Sloth. “Headed” by a man named Jack the Green.
  • Gluttony
    • Drug cartel, grew and produced rare drugs brought in from other planes. Also known for reckless behavior and thrill seeking.
  • Greed
    • Wants to leave the city to be able to access more resources, as they aren’t satisfied with the current availability of materials and products within Ormount. Also runs several businesses, but often overcharge or provide poor service. Frequently hires wrath members to deal with businesses that won’t comply with their policies.
  • Lust
  • The Ormount High Society
    • Led by a well-off mage with a personal golem attendant. Upper-class citizens and lawmakers, trying to put down all lawbreakers, insurrections, or protests on the current state of Ormount. Not explicitly corrupt, but are a bit full of themselves.
  • Sloth
    • Network of individuals making a living of the selling of rumors. At least one member can usually be found in any bar. Also have a hold over most bards, newspapers, and entertainers for easy money and the control of information in the city.
  • Wrath
    • Semi-democratic group of individuals angry and vengeful about the general treatment of the populous by the upper class. Will often sell their services to other factions other than pride, especially if it allows them to get back at someone or a faction that has wronged them recently.

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