On the Edge of Ormount

Floating High Above The Lands Below, A City Threatens to Fall

Countless generations ago, a cabal of mages grew weary with the affairs of the greater world.

They considered travelling across the planes, but the idea of being bound to a god’s will moreso than ever was unappealing to them.

They considered residing in the city of Sigil, but the unpredictability of the city’s Lady made them uneasy.

In the end, they decided that they would sequester themselves and others who were sick of the wars and the hardships and create a contained city, of the world, but not a part of it.

They traveled for a year until they came across an large series of islands in an inland sea, and after several weeks finished preparations. As the spell finished, the sea and some of the surrounding land rose into the air. It rose above the clouds and came to a stop. The chain of islands rose a bit more and came to rest half a mile above the sea. Finally, the mages wrapped the entire floating continent in a bubble of magic, preventing teleportation to and from there, as a precaution against interference by warring kingdoms of the surface.

For a few hundred years the mages, and later on their students, maintained the needs of the people perfectly, and as a result there was no need for conflict. Food was conjured, water brought up from the lake below as needed for those on the islands, shelter built by elementals and other outsiders. But as time passed, fewer and fewer mages remembered why they provided for the people, simply that they were expected too.
They grew tired of it not too long after.

Before long, the mages ceased all power and forced the populous to take part in dangerous and evil magic rituals. Some even attempted to leave, but even using dark rituals they couldn’t penetrate the wards placed by their superior predecessors. This continued for a while, but the mages grew power mad and turned on each other, and the people used this opportunity to overthrow their oppressors.

Many mages died in a very short period of time. Some of the less mad or cruel ones were temporarily imprisoned, to see if they could be reasoned with once there were fewer mages to lord over the people. A few tried to escape, and were executed for it.

After the revolution, the few remaining mages were sat down with those who overthrew their brethren to discuss terms for their release. They would be allowed to cast, but would be watched. They could teach future casters, but the dark rituals that were used on the people were burned.

The monitoring went on for a few generations of mages, but it eventually faded, mages ceased being treated as criminals. During that time, teleportation circles were formed between larger islands and the farmlands that had been made around the sea, while bridges spanned the smaller gaps between islands. Government formed, which mages were eventually allowed to participate in.

And for another several generations there was peace and the people of Ormount were content.

But as always, conflict and resentment eventually reared their ugly heads.

On the Edge of Ormount

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